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Marian O’Dowd, R.N.

In 1986, after receiving her degree in nursing, Marian moved from Ireland to San Francisco, where she worked as a registered nurse. She currently is a placement specialist, working with Senior Placement Services.

Marian cites her professional work, most especially as a hospice care nurse, for deepening her understanding of what gives life its meaning. Again and again, she saw what, at the end of the day, mattered most to people: being connected to others. This helped her grow the courage to have difficult conversations and face unexpected change in her own life.

In addition to her nursing credentials, Marian is certified in several non-Western healing disciplines. Helping people through transitions has become her life path and passion. If you are facing turmoil or crisis during difficult times of transition, Marian offers professional support and guidance through her Eastern healing practice.

To inquire about her healing practice or for help finding a new home in Marin Country for you or your loved one (at no cost to you or your loved ones), Marian can be reached at 415-410-1278 or by email.

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