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Senior Care Resources

Senior Placement Services offers links to information and resources related to senior health, senior living, and senior housing issues – and other information we hope you and your loved ones will find interesting and useful.

Home Sharing Program

SHARE is a shared housing and resource exchange in Sonoma County for homeowners and renters age 60 or older who would like to share their home or apartment with another in a mutually beneficial living arrangement. For more info click here for a flyer (pdf).

Sonoma County's Winter 2018 Newsletter, with personal stories of Sonoma County residents who have benefitted from the SHARE program: (pdf)

News Articles

Emotional Contagion in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Meaningful Aging
Brain Power, The 90-plus Study
Four Drugs That Cause Most Hospitalizations in Older Adults
Humanistic Approach to Alzheimer’s Care


Downloadable Cognitive Tests

Audio Interviews and Videos

Wendy Mitchell – How I Made My Home Dementia-Friendly

Justice in Aging Video – Four women in California share their stories of slipping into poverty as they reach retirement age:

Meet the Senior Placement Services Team – A 2015 video: Joy Lovinger, Barbara Scharf, and Marian O’Dowd introduce themselves at Sonoma County Section on Aging.

How to Talk to Parents About Assisted Living – A conversation with syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson and editor/writer Carol Bradley Bursack on NPR’s "Talk of the Nation" with Neal Conan.


Graceful Aging
Treat Me, Not My Age
Adventures in Old Age
The New Old Age


"An Historical Perspective on the Psychology of Aging" by Rabon Delmore Saip, M.A. – from a Powerpoint presentation given at the Counsel on Aging in Santa Rosa on September 12, 2012. Contains copyrighted material.

Book Reviews

How We Age